Do you carry out staff reviews?

Support your team with financial advice

Being an employer who takes care of their staff in more ways than merely providing a job and a pay package at the end of each month is extremely rewarding for everyone involved.

Educating staff about the importance of a pension and the tax-relief benefits it brings contributes to the future retirement of your team and their families, which adds value to their employment and improves loyalty.

High staff retention equals increased productivity and a positive culture alongside reduced absenteeism and recruitment costs.

Buisness owner in virtual team meeting
Female business owner reviewing auto-enrolment pensions

Provide access to a financial advisor

Giving your staff the chance to speak to a financial advisor as part of their annual benefits package is free advice in their eyes. Taking a vested interest in the future of staff often sees increased advocacy in exchange.

A financial advisor will talk to employees about the options available to them through workplace pension schemes and offer guidance as to how they can top up their pension pot, review additional investment opportunities and discuss added benefits, such as salary exchange and bonus schemes.

Retired woman enjoying gardening knowing she has a good pension pot

Support your staff to plan for their future

Staff reviews offer an ideal opportunity for employees to talk on a 1-2-1 basis with you, their line manager or an independent advisor to give them a better understanding of how to plan for their future with the support of their employer. This will help to alleviate any anxieties and uncertainty around pensions, employment benefits and financial constraints.

Talk to Willow Financial Solutions about incorporating financial advice into staff reviews.