Are you prepared for change?

Whether expected or unexpected?

Life is eventful and most people encounter some costly milestones on their journey, so it pays to plan and save.

A bond or departure

Tying the knot, climbing onto the property ladder or upscaling the family home are big ticket items but without forward-planning it could be difficult to realise that big day or the loving home you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s not always an option to rely on the bank of mum and dad, so the guidance of a financial advisor could be a big help when it comes to figuring out what needs to be squirreled away.

A career venture such as setting up your own company or launching a new product to market is also a huge milestone that needs careful planning and often a cash injection. Investment into a viable business needs time, financial support and contingency while things get off the ground.

Equally, a divorce or buying out a partner from a property or a business could be costly and may not be an event you know is coming.

Couple with padlock and key
Woman holding new born baby

A new addition

Welcoming a new life into this world is a joyous occasion but it’s also a life-changing experience that requires more time, commitment and money.

Raising a child in the best possible way is important in terms of how they perceive life and perform as they develop. Saving for the patter of tiny feet and to support their growth will give them the head start they deserve.

A financial advisor can help you to prepare in advance and guide you through life’s major events to ensure that your financial plans are adaptable and remain suitable for you.

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