Retirement is coming Let's make it better together

No matter your age or circumstances your money will work harder for you with a plan.

Is your future bright?
Let’s make it better together

Investing in your future shouldn’t be difficult yet many people feel in a Kerfuffle when it comes planning for a better life.

No matter your age, gender, career or circumstances your money will work harder for you with a plan.

Create a life that is worth living … every minute of the day

It’s simple really. Whether you are looking for guidance on what to do with the money or assets you already have, are due to inherit or plan to accumulate, it ultimately comes down to one thing – creating an enriched future for yourself and for your loved ones.

Even if you aren’t a figures person or the word ‘planning’ sends you into a cold shiver, you can still achieve great things with your money and assets if you plan wisely. That’s what the Willow Financial Solutions team is here to support you with.

We’ll do all the hard work, ask the right questions and provide a suitable solution for your current needs, and for those impending desires. All you need to do is listen, be honest with your goals and commit to your future.

If this all sounds a little uncertain then there might be some work to do. But that’s OK, we’re used to it and you’re in safe hands. Trust in our experience and existing client ‘wealth stories’ to speak the words that matter.

Face-to-face meetings are always preferable so that we can get to know you and work together to make your future bright. Due to current guidelines all client contact is via online video, telephone calls and emails, unless local restrictions allow for a face-to-face meeting and you are comfortable with this.

Getting started is easy. First of all, we’ll set up an informal discovery call to find out a little more about your circumstances, your ideas and why you feel you need financial advice. We’ll explain how we work with individuals and businesses (whatever is applicable) and give you a brief overview of costs and timescales to manage your expectations.

Costs will depend on the type of advice you receive. Personal and business financial solutions are very different, and your needs, assets and goals will be very different from the next person. You can discuss everything with us during your discovery call and we’ll paint an accurate picture of what to expect. 

You are not obligated to follow any advice unless a contract has been signed. When you give us the go ahead to act as your personal or business financial advisor, we’ll issue a contract detailing all necessary terms and conditions. From this point forward you can still stop dealing with us at any time but there may be a cost involved.

Effective financial solutions require methodical planning, commitment and ongoing management to advise you accordingly and to facilitate change. Your attitude to risk will determine the investment portfolio recommended and performance will vary. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme you may need to search elsewhere! 

Why Willow Financial Solutions?

We’re not a stuffy suited and booted corporate team for a reason. When you want to plan for a better life – your own, your child’s, extended family and friends, or employees – a safe, comfortable and friendly environment is what you need. The team at Willow offers secure and impartial guidance where you can discuss ideas, ask questions and feel in control.

Long lasting relationships, an understanding ear and expert advice is what you can expect. By applying forward thinking to solutions-based financial advice, you can be sure of bright prospects to look forward to for you and your family.

Helping people just like you

It helps to plan for the future. Some people are better at it than others and sometimes an event or incident may happen out of the blue that you didn’t see coming.


Unsure about retirement and want to be financially secure in your twilight years? We’ll help you to understand the rules, weigh up your options with pension schemes, and plan for tax implications.

Planning for the future

Planning to retire early, save for your dream house, holiday home or the kids’ university fees? Nobody can predict the future but with a spot of goal-setting, contingency and commitment you can achieve your dreams.

Tax planning

Whether you run your own business, are a high earner, are due to inherit a large sum or need to plan for when you’ve passed, tax planning is essential to overcome any unforeseen spanners in the works.

Making Big Life Changes

You can’t always predict a wedding, birth, divorce, death or significant life changing event or milestone. Even if momentous changes are planned, they may not go according to plan. Seek support in a crisis or plan for any eventuality to stay safe and secure.

Children’s futures

Every parent wants the best for their children. Financial guidance can help you to prepare for further education or marriage fees, support to ascend onto the property ladder or inheritance planning, so that your children have the very best start to their adult life.

Improving benefits for employees

Running a business can be tough and as an employer you have certain obligations to your staff. Understand your options when it comes to pensions, reviews, salary exchanges, insurances and shares.

Being mindful with money can be mind-numbing but we all need it!

You don’t need to be bombarded with meaningless percentages, pages of overwhelming charts and technical jargon. Nor do you need to be an expert floating the stock exchange or learning about crypto currencies. For simple, accurate and helpful advice, speak to Willow Financial Solutions and plan for a future that you and your family deserve.