Could a financial review make you better off?

Understand how your money and assets are performing

Many people reach for the hypothetical ear plugs or imaginary blindfold when they hear the words ‘financial review’ – is this you?

Finance isn’t meant to be difficult but when the industry is heavily regulated and has been the subject of cowboys preying on the innocent (in the past), it’s easy to feel uncertain.

Willow Financial Solutions are industry regulated, trusted by 100s of clients and can be your guide in understanding how to gain the most out of your finances.

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What is involved in a financial review?

A financial review is a process that appraises your outgoings to make sure you don’t spend more than you need to. It will also look at how best to make your money work by weighing up investment options and tax-saving opportunities.

A financial review is pain-free and you won’t need to read the equivalent of War and Peace for your bank account. A professional financial advisor will ask a few questions about what you earn and your expenses – fixed and disposable – to paint a picture of your current financial sitting.

The purpose of a financial review is also to consider future goals and outline anything that might need cover in the future, such as income protection or critical illness cover.

Following a review of your financial situation, recommendations will be provided. Investment opportunities, protection policies and ongoing reviews will be discussed and set-up where necessary in accordance with agreements.

Becky has managed all aspects of our [finances] and her technical competence underpinned by a friendly, down to earth manner is greatly appreciated by myself and our employees.

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How much does a financial review cost?

You can take advantage of an initial chat with an advisor at Willow Financial Solutions. During this consultation time you will gain an understanding of how a full review will work and be advised of any cost implications.

After this consultation you will be able to make a decision on whether you see a full financial review as beneficial to your current and future situation.

Talk to Willow Financial Solutions to arrange a financial review and see and hear how simple it is to plan for a rewarding future.