Need to build buffers in your business?

Balancing books, teams and exit strategy

Who knew that starting a business also meant looking after so many figures and folk?

Being in a secure financial position is wise when it comes to building a business, planning an exit strategy and retaining hardworking, loyal staff.

Willow Financial Solutions can act as trusted advisors to business owners and leaders. Impartial professional advice about auto enrolment, retirement planning, insurances and reviews is valuable to entrepreneurs as well as added value for staff.

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Graphs and analysis for pensions

Getting to grips with workplace pensions

Auto enrolment has a bad rep and many people see the process as a dark art but it’s really not that complicated when you understand who contributes what.

In simple terms, a pension is a tax-saving benefit to employers as well as employees. Let Willow Financial Solutions support your company to set up an auto enrolment scheme the right way so that everyone can benefit.

Couple who planned for retirement and are ready to jet off on holiday

Imagine retirement pastures new

Retirement comes for everybody. If you’re at the helm of a company you would be forgiven for thinking only about your own retirement plans. But what about your loyal team?

Willow Financial Solutions can offer retirement planning advice to employees as well as supporting you with your own exit strategy to hand over the business reins

Keeping the cash flow alive

Proactive financial planning for your company will keep tabs on profitability, growth opportunities and potential failings to ensure a positive cash flow, ample investment funds, and cost and risk management.

Willow Financial Solutions will work with your company to build a strong financial footing and provide accurate forecasting. Grow a profitable organisation that’s forward-thinking for staff, customers and investors.

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Improving staff retention and advocacy

Investing in staff alongside equipment, marketing and operations will improve loyalty, productivity and, subsequently, profitability.

Willow Financial Solutions offers a resource where your staff can benefit from individual financial reviews or group guidance on auto enrolment and pensions, salary exchange and bonus schemes as part of their benefits package.

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Saving tax through salary exchange schemes

Salary exchange schemes are becoming a popular way for employers and employees to gain the benefit of tax and National Insurance savings.

Put simply, staff agree to receive a non-cash benefit in exchange for less money in their wages in the form of coupons, childcare vouchers, health insurance or membership as an example.

Willow Financial Solutions can provide advice on the options available and establish a suitable scheme for your business.

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Insurance if accidents should happen

Group life insurance (or death in service) is a pay-out package to employees’ loved ones in the event of death at work or during employment.

The provision is a long-term strategy that will often result in higher staff retention levels because of the extended family assistance.

Willow Financial Solutions can organise group life insurance for any number of staff and offers advice on the tax savings advantages that employers will gain.

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What happens if your company can no longer operate in its current form?

Corporate protection is a safeguarding solution for companies that includes life assurance and medical provision for the business owner or key employee/s.

In the event of death or serious illness, a corporation protection policy would set the wheels in motion based on an agreed number of variables to ensure the continued operation of the company.

Willow Financial Solutions offers guidance as to how a policy would work and the features required based on your business structure.

Talk to Willow Financial Solutions to develop a financial plan that encompasses your goals as a business owner, the company objectives and the long-term benefits for staff.